Periodontal disease Causes & Cure -Care32 Dental Helpline

Periodontal disease Causes & Cure -Care32 Dental Helpline

Periodontal disease Causes & Cure -Care32 Dental Helpline

Clean teeth are a resemblance to one’s hygiene. This is why dental care or oral hygiene is essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes you might have heard some people experiencing their gums bleed when they brush or floss. In spite of experiencing pain and discomfort, most of us feel it is quite normal for our gums to bleed.
However, this is not the case.
Swollen or bleeding gums are early signs that your gums are infected with bacteria. If nothing is done to cure this, the infection can spread and can destroy the jaw bone.

 periodontal disease causes

So, what exactly is the periodontal disease?

“Peri” means around and “odontal” means teeth. Periodontol diseases are infections that are caused around your teeth. These include the gums, , the periodontal ligament, the cementum that covers the root and the alveolar bone.

What causes periodontal diseases?

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in dental plaque. The sticky substance that gets formed as soon as you brush your teeth is plaque. In order to remove the bacteria from plaque, the cells of your immune system release substances inflame the gum and damage the gums leading to a periodontal ligament or alveolar bone. This leads to the earliest stages of periodontal disease, also called as gingivitis.

If the condition is not treated, it gets worsened and can cause the teeth to become loose. This is known as periodontitis, the advanced stages of periodontal disease.
Apart from the bacteria, there are various other factors that contribute to this disease. These factors can increase your risk of gum disease:

1- Smoking and Tobacco Use
Smoking is one of the key factors that can increase your risk of periodontal disease. In fact, the longer you have been smoking, the higher you are at risk. A person smoking will face difficulty in treating periodontal disease as smokers tend to collect more tartar on their teeth.
The tartar present on the teeth creates deeper pockets in the gums. Moreover, they can loosen more teeth as the disease gets worsened.

2- Misaligned teeth, bridgework or braces
The places where you face difficulty to brush or floss your teeth is likely to enhance tartar or plaque formation. The more tartar or plaque you have on your teeth, the more you are prone to gum diseases.

3- Grinding, clenching or gritting of teeth
These habits don’t play a direct role in causing periodontal disease. However, they can increase your chances to cause gum diseases if your gums are already inflamed. When you grind, clench or grit your teeth, you are putting a lot of pressure on the gums. This pressure speeds the process of periodontal ligament and bone.

Sometimes, periodontal disease is caused due to your genes. People with history of the disease are likely to develop the disease. However, it is not necessary that a person with history of periodontal disease will get the same.

5- Stress
Stress is a factor that affects your immune system in whole. This is why a stressful person will not be able to treat his disease making it worse. Stress weakens the immune system making it resist fight infections, including periodontal disease.

6-Hormonal imbalance
When hormones fluctuate, say during periods or pregnancy, the body is temporarily prone to periodontal disease. This is because of fluctuations in hormone cause changes in the mouth.

7- Medicines
Several medicines can cause changes in your mouth, making it dry or causing xerostomia. For examples, medicines that are used to treat depression and high blood pressure makes your mouth feel dry. When there is lack of saliva in the mouth, the chances of plaque formation is high. This may even lead to tooth decay. Some medicines can enlarge the gums causing the trapping of plaque.

8-Poor nutrition
Nutrition is essential for a good health. Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding of gums which in turn increases the chances of periodontal disease.

People with certain diseases are prone to develop periodontal disease. For example, people with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease when compared to non-diabetic people. Similarly, people with HIV infection or arthritis are more prone to periodontal disease.

10-Periodontal disease and Cancer
It is often said that flossing not only helps in fighting cavities but stave off cancer. A new study states that men with periodontal disease are 14% higher at risk of cancer than people who don’t have periodontal disease. There are strong evidence that prove the connection of periodontal disease with different types of cancer. The types of cancer include oral cancer, Upper GI and gastric cancers, Pancreatic cancer, Lung cancer, and Esophageal cancer. It is possible that the confounding factors causing cancer and periodontal disease are similar, which might be the reason for the association.

How can it be treated?

You can prevent periodontal disease if you practice good oral hygiene which includes:
1-Visiting your dentist regularly, at least once every six months. However, if you already are experiencing problems, it is advisable to visit your doctor more often. Get Free Dental Checkup from Care32 Dental Helpline India.

2-Daily brushing or flossing can help in removing plaque from your teeth and also help in controlling plaque formation. It is necessary to go for professional appointments where our dentist keeps the plaque under control.

3-Using tartar-control toothpaste also helps in controlling the formation of tartar or plaque around your teeth. However, it does not help in removing the already built tartar.

Clean teeth being the definition of a beautiful smile needs to be clean and white. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of your teeth for overall health.

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